Tracey Erin Lanham believes that all of us have the capacity to

experience bliss in our everyday lives. She is deeply passionate about

guiding people to experience the pulse of the universe, and to

understand that pulse as a fundamental principle.  Each session

is a confirmation that we are not separate from the universal

heartbeat.  Rather, we are part of it.  In addition, Tracey is enthralled

by exploring the spaces between- the transitions and the

connections.  These places that are neither here nor there teach

us that life is not a series of separate and disconnected events, but

rather one continuous, unbroken thread.  

Tracey weaves many traditions together to guide her clients to find

their fullness.  Her modalities include energetic and chakra consultations and healing, Reiki, hands-on Shamanic practices, Shamanic journeys, hands-on botanical bodywork, the use of flower essences and essential oils, meditation, yoga and ceremony.

Tracey is passionate about education and has been a lifelong student of embodiment practices and healing.  Her studies have included the following.

Certificates Held:

  • Level I Shamanic & Botanical Bodywork as taught by Naomi Love, Medicine Woman, of Maya Moon School for the Healing Arts       
  • Reiki Level I & II
  • Luminous Body School of Integral Medicine Energetic Healing Practitioner
  • Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church
  • Mudra teacher, mudra therapist and esoteric mudra practice as taught by Sabrina Mesko

Ongoing Study:

  • Shamanic practitioner and healer as taught by Rachel Weitz of True Nature Shamanic Healing Arts

Registrations Held:

  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 hours since 2005
  • Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hours since 2013

Degrees Held:

  • Masters of Art in Audiology


Sacred Energetic Consultations & Soulful Healing for Physical, Mental & Emotional Harmony

Amrita Healing Arts